Property Value


The current value of your property can fluctuate based on multiple factors that cannot be calculated accurately using “high-tech” algorithms from popular Home Listing websites.  Many times these calculations can be incorrect by as much as 20%, in either direction.

The only proven method to accurately calculate the current value your property is to hire an experienced Property Appraiser, or experienced Realtor© who understands local supply, demand, recent property comparables and current market conditions.

Property Appraisers can be expensive, but most licensed Realtors© will provide you with a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of your property for FREE, without requiring you to sign a Listing Agreement.

The CMA is important because it provides the Home Owner with the true value of the property based on real data and current market conditions.  This is important because the Home Owner needs solid information before deciding on property selling price.  Also, the information on the CMA will be useful in understanding approximate Lender Appraisal value in the event that the buyer is funding the purchase.

Complete the contact form below and I will prepare an accurate and detailed analysis of your property FREE of CHARGE, with no obligation to you.