divorce-couple-fighting-over-houseDivorce is a difficult and emotional time for all parties involved and that raw emotion and anger can often cause those involved to make mistakes regarding the separation of assets.

In most case, the marital property is the greatest single asset of your marriage and during divorce it is usually the cause of the most anguish because of the value and sentiment.

The key to making the best decision regarding your Real Estate sale is to understand all of the options that are available to you and work with your estranged spouse and your Realtor® to implement that strategy.

I have worked with divorcing couples, both individually and as a couple and I am able to assist both parties with the steps needed to make the best decisions regarding the sale of the marital assets.

Download my FREE PDF if you are currently entering into, or preparing for a divorce.


  • I work with both parties to determine a real value of marital property
  • I advise both parties about ways to maximize profits from sale of marital property
  • I provide detailed information that allows both parties to make the best decisions
  • I help to minimize unnecessary expenses that will evaporate potential profits
  • I provide experience, comfort and privacy during the entire transition
  • I communicate with lawyers and closing agents to minimize stress and emotional suffering
  • I provide my clients with an plan of action detailing the steps from start to finish
  • I assist with the transition into new property, either lease or purchase

Call me today for a FREE and PRIVATE consultation if you are preparing for divorce 561-502-9113.

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